A Tale of Two Hearts: George & Gordon

Photographer: Kimon Kaketsis

In the realm of love's sweet symphony, we stumbled upon George and Gordon, two souls intertwined in a dance of everlasting devotion. From the very first meeting, their love radiated like a beacon, enveloping us all in its warm embrace. It is rare and delightful because as destination wedding planners, we embarked on a journey, a magical odyssey filled with laughter, tears of joy, and unforgettable memories. But beyond the enchanting love story, it was the connection with their families that left us in awe. We witnessed the exchange of love, gratitude, and respect between generations, a rich tapestry of traditions and modernity woven together with finesse. A celebration, where love and familial ties were celebrated in unison.

And a fun celebration it was, since we had the joy of hosting not just a destination wedding in Santorini, but a 4 day extravaganza that included beach welcome event at Nikki Beach Resort, a rehearsal dinner at a local winery, the fabulous wedding at the Erosantorini villa and a farewell lunch at Greek tavern at Perivolos beach.

As we now look back on the journey we shared, we're filled with gratitude for being entrusted with George and Gordon's special Santorini wedding. Their smiles, laughter, and shared moments are etched forever in our hearts.