A Lebanese wedding at the Athenian Riviera

Christina Anthony

At Stella and Moscha, we like to consider ourselves true romantics and we love it when we meet couples that prove us right. Christina and Anthony – or “Tina and Tuna” as their friends call them – is such a couple. These two young lovebirds were high school sweethearts and after some time apart, life brought them back together. These two are destined to make each other happy. When you see their portrait photos and their magical first dance, you will understand what we mean.
A Lebanese wedding is never a simple affair. But in the end, both the pre-wedding BBQ at a private beach in Lagonissi, as well as the actual wedding at the Athenian Riviera were nothing less than spectacular.

Christina let us play with the theme of the pre-wedding BBQ. Combined with her impeccable taste we created a tropical theme full of bold flowers, vibrant colors and lots of… pineapples.

It was a classic wedding. We went for romantic blush fabrics, pastel flowers and rose- golden details that fitted perfectly the bride’s sweet and kind personality, and the groom’s serious yet fun disposition.

We’re lost for words about this one-of-a-kind couple, that’s why we’ll just let you enjoy Elias’ photos and a short teaser by Nikos Dimou.


Photography: Elias Kordelakos
Videography: I like to movie it - Nikos Dimou


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