Approaching your one year anniversary and wish you could do it all over again or even that milestone Ruby anniversary? No matter what year you're celebrating, a thoughtfully planned celebration is a way to honor the growth of your marriage. Your anniversary is that perfect moment to energize any committed relationship and take some time for each other. It is also a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with loved ones from near and far and revive the fun and excitement of the day you Said Yes! This calls for a proper celebration and why not, exciting destinations so the time has come to make that trip to Europe and the Greek Islands.

Dare to dream of a sunny beach vacation or a long weekend getaway in Santorini combined with an extraordinary celebration. An enchanting island known as the most romantic in Greece, with refreshing waters, whitewashed houses sitting on cliffs, and beautiful beaches. While you and your guests are here, you can go for a hike on the Fira trail for breathtaking views, take in the extraordinary sunset in Oia, and for culture loving couples be sure to visit the pre-historic town of Akrotiri considered one of Greece’s most significant archeological sites.

Let us light the magic sparkle for a memorable getaway.